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1) is there any reminder of insufficient power?

Battery power is displayed in the upper left corner of the main interface of the mobile app, which can be viewed from the mobile terminal


2) how long will it take to recharge

Three hours


3) how long can the equipment work when fully charged?

24 hours


4) do dogs bite equipment?

No, the fuselage is crash-proof


5) can the cat whip on the device be replaced by itself?



6) how big is app memory?

1GB of cloud storage


7) what about failed snack delivery?

Snacks are too big or too wet to serve


8) why did the network connection fail?

Click WIFI Settings to check if you have entered the correct WIFI name and password


9) what if the pet and equipment are not in the same room?

The device has a fully tracked chassis, mobile phone operation can be moved anywhere, and two-way voice, can call pet to attract it to appear.