PUMPKII – The Best Modular Robot For Your Pet

A robot that allows you to treats reward, entertain, clean and take care of your pet anytime, irregardless whether you are with your pet.

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Modular Design
Omnidirectional Movement
Voice & Video Interaction
Treats Rewarding
Robotic Arm Cleaning
Intuitive App
Strong Construction

Unique modular design to meet all needs

Adopting modular design, Pumpkii is designed to be multifunctional. In addition to a wheeled base with high-definition IP camera, it contains many external units including treat pod, teasing feather, 11 treats and robotic arm. Besides this, we also provide users software development kit and open hardware interface to make Pumpkii more versatile and useful.

cleaning mode
more working modes
Treats Rewarding Mode

Reward your pet with its favourite treats

Pumpkii comes with a versatile treat pod which is big enough for multiple sizes and shapes of treats. It can be filled with up to 100 treats at once and allows you to reward your pet just by using our intuitive App.

Automatically clean litter box with robotic arm

Don’t want to clean litter box by yourself? Simply put the robotic arm on the base, Pumpkii will automatically help you clean the litter box. Pumpkii makes all this become easier for you.

App control to move in any direction

Thanks to innovative wheels, Pumpkii is able to move in all directions. Not only can you move back and forth, but also move left and right. You can remotely control it as you like through an iOS/Android mobile applications and view your pet from any angle.

Watch and talk to your pet anytime, anywhere!!

Pumpkii offers two-way communication between you and your pet. It is equipped with high-definition IP camera, high-quality microphone and speaker, it allows you to play with your pet from anywhere in the world. Never miss any wonderful moment of your pet!


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